Competitive Analysis

Before we check how much SEO is in your site, we need to check how present you are on search.

A competitive site analysis follows the following steps:

Your competitors’ positions on Search results versus yours
  • Site Architecture
  • Website Speed
  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Content Volume
Google knows what key phrases a domain is contextually related to
  • Comparison of referring domains
  • Comparison of inbound link volume
The competitive analysis identifies how easy or difficult it will be to achieve first page rankings in Search Engines. The more mature the vertical and the competition, the longer it will take to achieve page one rankings and organic traffic. The less mature the competition the bigger the opportunity for first mover advantage. And to the eyes of an SEO expert, it’s actually pretty easy to spot. Just look for the “…” in the search results.

Request for a Competitive Analysis

Your website will be scanned and checked for On page, off page, domain authority, social engagement and other SEO factors.

If you have an idea for a project, talk to us today!

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