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Do you know what kind of company McDonald’s is? It’s not a food company. It’s one of the largest real estate companies in the world. And one of their primary proficiencies is prospecting? They ask the question “If I build a store here, will people come?”

An SEO Audit is like location prospecting. It’s the first thing you do to a make a forecast if success is likely or not.

An SEO Audit checks if your site is both user and algorithm friendly. In a nutshell, it gauges whether your site is “rankable.”

In order to assess this, an SEO Site Audit has several parts:

  • The Meta Title
  • The Meta Descriptions
  • Schema (Technical)
  • Content Volume

To make this simple, we’ll do a store analogy. This means if your website was a store, then the items below are its parts.

– of all your pages, how many does Google find valuable enough to save in their index? It’s like asking, “is your store easy to find?” “Is it in a convenient accessible location?” If your site is not indexed or indexed enough, then you are literally “in the middle of nowhere.”
– If your website was a store, this is about knowing what items to stock and what you don’t. A Specialist in SEO knows something most business owners do not. It’s not all about search volume. And longer variations of a Keyword or phrase often mean a user is closer to a purchasing decision than “window shopping” terms.
– store organization is vital in moving inventory. For your website, that organization of ideas and experiences is called a “Silo.” How did you arrange your “store” to make finding the revenue driving products easily accessible and visible to your users?
– is like having the inventory you claim to sell. If your store advertises to sell “laptop computers,” then it needs to be present in your store. If you promise to have uniquely valuable content about a topic, you need to deliver on that promise. More than that, you have to make it easy to find. And as an added bonus, having the accessories (supporting content) that improve the experience with that laptop make you a store of choice.
– this is your store front
  • The Meta Title – is like your website’s signage. Is it clear, visible, and does it give an idea about what your business sells?
  • The Meta-Descriptions – are like your store display. It’s a showcase of what’s in your store that can entice a visitor to come in or build desire to purchase.
– an HTML protocol that allows you to signal that some types of content (such as address and phone numbers) and elements (like social media buttons) are more relevant than all other content on the page.
– are like the labels you put in your store sections. Are they easy and intuitive to understand or are they cryptic and mysterious – requiring customer service assistance to find what’s needed?
– is the amount and quality of vouches earned by your website. In a store analogy, and in a real-world sense, it’s about how many of your existing or potential customers are talking about you, or care enough to refer people to your store.

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