Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Strategic Digital Marketing Consulting Services in Hong Kong

Stuck with a siloed digital marketing strategy? It’s time to partner with a digital marketing consulting firm focused on Hong Kong businesses. At Truelogic HK, we cover all bases, from giving your strategic direction and in-depth insights to running your campaigns down to the smallest of details.

We’ll help you marry your Website, SEO, SEM, Branding, E-mail Marketing and Content Marketing into a seamless experience that adds value to Your Business, but most importantly – Your Customers.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services
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With the Internet being ever-evolving, maintaining their digital presence becomes a challenge for businesses in any industry. Local and multinational brands alike face overwhelming complexities, enormous competition and increasing uncertainties. If you’re not up-to-date with the latest techniques, tools and technologies, you’ll never get ahead of your competitors.

A digital marketing agency with consultation services like Truelogic HK can help you refine the marketing activities you’re already using, or help you build an effective digital marketing strategy that is tailor-fit to your needs and objectives. With us by our side, you can emerge unscathed from all the fast-changing trends and enjoy stable growth and success.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

By hiring our digital marketing consulting services for your Hong Kong brand, you’ll have a dedicated team to help you gain an in-depth understanding of your business. Our combined experience and expertise will provide the strategic direction you need to reach your goals. We work together to plan your campaigns, develop efficient marketing processes and quantify impact with regular reporting.


We track how users behave on your site and help you improve the elements on your page, from content to design across devices because great design shouldn’t just look great, it should work great too!


We study how your content speaks to your customers. But we also study how your competition speaks to theirs. Learn where your competition pushes their efforts so you can pick the right digital ground to fight on.


Dominate Search by having your SEO and SEM work together instead of against each other. Understand your ROI from each channel and allocate your resources to what drives results.


You have better things to do than QA your website – that’s where we come in. We run regular technical tests to identify and act on problems.


We constantly report on work in real time, track your search progress, your traffic and your other marketing metrics and report them to you via our dashboard and face to face every month.


Whether you use all or one of our Services, we collaborate with other providers to help create one unified marketing story that makes sense to you – helping you create better marketing decisions that impact the experience of your customers with your brand. We’re not just your provider of digital marketing consulting services, we’re your partner in success.

Digitize Your Business

Skip the years of trial and error by leaning on our decade-strong experience. Gain from the experience learned from 14,000 campaigns and skip straight to driving results.

We’re more than just a Digital Marketing and Consulting Company in Hong Kong – we’re a Digital Company that enables other companies to go Digital.

From your first foray into Digital Marketing, to your first taste of Analytics, to your integration into CRM’s, we’re there every step of the way either building it for you, building it with you, or just guiding you in the right direction.

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Why Choose Truelogic HK

Today’s digital landscape is rife with competition. Whether you’re a big business looking to become an online authority or a start-up with little experience, our digital marketing consulting team in Hong Kong is here to help. We’ll provide you with a fresh set of expert eyes to pore over your current marketing activities and develop an actionable and focused plan moving forward.

Get all of these when you invest in your digital marketing consultation services.


Trying your hand at digital marketing with no prior experience comes with a steep learning curve and plenty of risks. You’ll also need to keep yourself updated with the best practices and latest trends. By teaming up with a digital marketing consultancy firm, you can charge on with a trusted expert and have a clear path ahead.

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Digital marketing helps you create demand, enable growth and increase sales in a sustainable and cost-effective way. With expert advice and solutions from Truelogic HK, you can set the groundwork for healthy expansion and maintain momentum.


See business results and profit much faster! Work closely with a team who will set important metrics and regularly measure your performance.

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