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The Digital Kickstart for Emerging Businesses

Enterprising food businesses have pivoted by going online in order to survive. As we inch our way back to a New Normal, what's next for them? The Hybrid Cloud Kitchen model.

Fashioning the Retail Omnichannel Experience

Many businesses successfully moved from “bricks to clicks” to survive the pandemic. Now customers want an equally good experience both offline and online, both “bricks and clicks.” Can your business do it? What would it take to achieve this next stage of digital transformation?

A Look Into influencer Marketing

Finding the right people to promote your brand is often just as important as crafting the right message. But how do you find the right influencers to endorse your brand's products and services? And how can you ensure your partnership is effective and measurable against specific marketing goals?

Meet Your "Always On" Customer

Consumer habits have changed drastically since the start of the pandemic, so brands now wonder when consumers are ready to make a purchase. But consider this: if your customer is always online, maybe they're always ready to buy.

Paid Digital Essentials

Many aspects of today’s paid media campaigns deserve a second look: buyer personas; deploying tactical campaigns while keeping the funnel open; and crafting stronger, more effective messaging.

Social Media for enterprises

Watch our seminar on Social Media for Enterprises and learn more about nurturing customer growth, achieving better customer retention, and optimizing on-brand communication across various digital channels.

Your Brand and Digital In 2021

What should your brand do to capture new customers in 2021? Truelogic founder Itamar Gero suggests the first thing is to do is accept your customers have changed, probably forever - and strengthen your focus on digitization, user experience, and analytics.

How to Optimize Social Media to Reach Your Market

Kankan Ramos, Managing Partner of InvictusPH, emphasizes how brands can reach out differently to customers in these complicated times. The keys to this process: agile thinking, empathy, and focusing on your customers, not on yourself.

Digital Transformation

Pioneer logistics company LBC Express had been in the process of implementing digital transformation when the government announced the lockdown. Hear Javy Mantecon, LBC CMO for Global Marketing, share insights on how COVID-19 became the ultimate test of fire for a company in the midst of digitizing the business.

Digital Experience

Listen to Donald Lim, COO of DITO CME, discuss how COVID-19 is challenging businesses to “master the business pivot” - and provide sensible digital marketing advice for industries in various segments.

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