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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Dominate the Logistic and Transportation Industry

The logistics and shipping industry is among the most competitive industries here in Hong Kong. Even more so now that the global pandemic has made shipping companies essential services. While marketing for logistics and transportation companies used to revolve around traditional marketing strategies, today’s digital world requires businesses to have an online presence to build relationships and establish authority.

That’s where Truelogic can help you. Our agency sets you up for success by employing an array of tried and tested digital marketing strategies for your transportation and shipping companies to reach potential customers, drive in traffic, and increase the chances of getting conversions.

Get your logistics company to the top with our digital marketing services:

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Search engine optimisation for Hong Kong businesses are essential if you want to boost your online presence. Get your logistics company to Google’s top spot with this digital marketing service.

Web Design

Your website can help you stand out from your competitors. As a top web design company in Hong Kong, Truelogic creates a visually stunning and seamless website for your business to help you attract customers and get more conversions.

Email Marketing

One of the smartest ways to utilise digital marketing for shipping companies is via email. After all, 99% of email users check their inbox everyday! Reach out and get noticed by your potential customers with effective email marketing in Hong Kong.


SEM marketing in Hong Kong is truly a game changer. Give your logistics company a boost with this digital marketing strategy that’s cost-effective, flexible, and persistent.

Content Marketing

Content is powerful–that’s why it’s the key to any marketing campaign! Truelogic knows the ins and outs of content marketing in Hong Kong, allowing you to engage with your users and boost sales with valuable and interesting content.

We Get You Where You Need To Be

In a highly competitive industry, a shipping company needs to be able to stand out and gain trust and rapport with customers. With so many competitors in Hong Kong, you need to go beyond the old-school approach and understand where your customers are. That’s where digital marketing comes in! Digital marketing for logistics companies help you connect, engage, and convert leads by being right where you need to be–on your customers’ feeds and search results.

SEO Marketing for Logistics and Shipping Companies

SEO is a powerful marketing tool for your logistics company. After all, 49% of consumers utilise Google to find and discover products or services. That’s why ranking on Google’s search results could truly boost your logistics company.

Truelogic utilises a simple yet effective process to maximise and optimise your website:

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We start with a comprehensive audit of your website to assess the navigational structure and usability of your website. Once done, we give recommendations on strategies that can help you increase traffic and boost conversions.


Strong title tags and engaging meta descriptions help you attract more traffic to your website. That’s why we include metadata optimisation in our SEO marketing strategies for logistics companies. Attract customers even before they open your page!


We include relevant and targeted keywords into your content to ensure that it is SEO-optimised.


We help boost your site rank and traffic through a schema markup! With enhanced site descriptions and better


We help boost your site rank and traffic through a schema markup! With enhanced site descriptions and better

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Web Development for Logistic and Transportation Companies

Your website is your brand’s representation in the digital landscape. That’s why it’s integral to ensure that your website is visually appealing and seamlessly functional for users. Our web development services ensure that we create a website that represents your brand and fits well with your digital marketing strategy as a logistics company.

  1. Fully Branded – A great strategy when you’re just beginning your marketing strategy for your logistics company is telling a story with your website. Our talented web designers develop your website based on your brand identity to create a visually stunning website that tells your story.
  2. Responsive and SEO-Ready – Having a website isn’t enough–you need to be seen too! That’s why our designers ensure that your website is responsive and fully optimised to account for Google’s algorithms, no matter where it’s accessed.
  3. Functional and Easy to Navigate – Truelogic ensures that your users can experience your website with no difficulties. This lets casual clicks turn users into returning visitors.

Search Engine Marketing for Logistics Companies in Hong Kong

Marketing for logistics and shipping companies doesn’t just end with waiting for organic searches. After all, you’d want to connect with various customers with different intent. SEM for logistics companies allows you to connect with customers who have a high purchase intent.

Truelogic offers customised SEM solutions that help you boost brand awareness, create targeted ads, and gain instant results.

Campaign Setup

We set up your campaign via keyword research to ensure that we target relevant keywords to your consumers.

Lead Acquisition

Our search engine marketing solutions for your logistics company allows you to make sales. Not only that, but we also tie each sale you make through a page to let you track which of your advertising efforts are the most effective.

Campaign Pacing

SEM is supposed to be a cost-effective marketing strategy, which is why Truelogic allocates your budget to strategies that drive the most results.


We integrate Google Ads, Analytics, and both proprietary ads and third-party tools to ensure that we can keep track and measure your results easily and efficiently.

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Content Marketing for Transportation Companies

Effective content can work wonders for your logistics company. Integrating content to your digital marketing strategy can help you attract potential customers, engage with your audience, and generate more sales. Truelogic combines creative content writing and data-driven strategy to help you achieve all three.

Our copywriters make a variety of content that perfectly fit a marketing campaign for transportation and shipping companies.


Our content marketing services have a team of copywriters creating engaging, valuable, and interesting blog posts for your pages. This lets you increase brand awareness and drive website traffic for your logistics company.

Press Releases

Press releases are useful tools to help you spread information about timely events for your business. From brand events to special promotions, our copywriters can create a press release that emulates your tone and brand.

Content calendars

Digital marketing strategy for logistics builds upon being able to connect with your audience. That’s why our content marketing services also provide you with a complete content calendar to help you know which keywords, topics, and internal links will be of most interest to your readers.

Email Marketing for Logistics

Whoever said that email marketing was over is seriously mistaken. With email users checking their inboxes daily, email marketing is a logical addition to your logistics company’s digital marketing strategy. Reach out and connect to potential customers and keep them in the loop with an effective email marketing strategy.


A/B Strategy

We test out different variables in your email campaigns to find the gold winning strategy that will drive in results. No element is too small or too big–our team will find which variables are most effective for you.

List Segmentation

We don’t just send out emails–we make sure that the right people get them. That’s why Truelogic utilises list segmentation to ensure maximum engagement from the right audience.

Template Creation

Truelogic designs and optimises emails to fit your brand guidelines while ensuring that it remains relevant and alluring for your email recipients.

Email Automation

Email your audience at the most opportune time with our automated emails and never leave them hanging with our auto-responder mails.

Grow with Truelogic’s Digital Marketing Solutions for Logistics Companies

As one of the most competitive industries in Hong Kong, logistics companies will definitely benefit from digital marketing in the long run. But benefiting from digital marketing and achieving your goals is a different story altogether.

When you work with Truelogic, you not only get digital marketing experts working on your website, you also get a team that’s committed to helping you achieve your goals. We get you the results you want and deserve with data-driven leading digital marketing strategies fit for logistics companies. Increase your traffic, drive in leads and conversions, and get to the top with Truelogic Hong Kong!

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Why Choose Truelogic for Your Logistic Company’s Digital Marketing Needs

Here at Truelogic, we’re not fans of cookie-cutter approaches. We use our deep understanding of the local market, vast knowledge on digital marketing strategies, and out-of-the box thinking to give you simple yet powerful custom digital marketing solutions to help you stand out from the rest. Our strategies let you reach out to your potential customers and deliver the ROI you deserve.

Truelogic is more than just a digital marketing agency you hire for your logistics companies–we’re the business partners that will always have your back.

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