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Improve your Online Presence with Advanced Keyword Research and SEO Services

Arm your SEO strategy with thorough keyword research services and analysis form the beating heart of your search strategy. Armed with our search volume and trend data, we ensure your SEO strategy has the desired commercial impact.

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Keyword Research

What is Keyword

Today, most people can find what they’re looking for through Google and other search engines. It all begins when users type specific words, terms, or questions into the search box. A good number of websites or landing pages that are most relevant to those search queries will appear in the results for people, including your customers, to click on.

How do search engines determine which websites (among millions) to display on the first page? Simple — through keywords. And you can only rank for the right search terms with thorough keyword research services and analysis. Today, SEO services in Hong Kong require quality keyword research to reveal gaps in your market and fill in those gaps so you get a boost in rankings.

Your Blueprint for Search Dominance

At Truelogic HK, we know you’re busy. Doing advanced keyword research isn’t high up on your priority list when you have your business to run and prioritize. To help you along, we assemble a list of high-traffic keywords relevant to your business from SEO-based keyword research services. This includes keyword opportunities where you don’t rank but the competition does, and search terms where you rank already, but not as high as you should.

To make sure you get the most out our SEO keyword research services and analysis, we follow a simple process:


When it comes to SEO, not all keywords are equal. Some will be far more effective and competitive than others. Our experts analyze your current keywords and devise a strategic strategy to fully optimize your performance and boost your rankings.


Getting ahead of your competitors means knowing what they’re good at. Our thorough keyword research services include competitor keyword analysis to give you a better understanding of what keywords you should be using and how you can rank higher.


Spotting new opportunities is necessary if you want to grow your business online. This means looking at keywords that your pages can rank for and optimizing accordingly. Our keyword research services actively look for other keyword opportunities to help you expand.


Keyword research is a huge part of SEO–but it doesn’t just end there. Keywords are the foundation, but our services take it even further by categorizing keywords into topic clusters. That’s how we give you clearer and comprehensive pages that make navigation easier.

What else can we help you with?

Maximizing your SEO strategy begins with thorough keyword research services, but it doesn’t end there — we do everything else to help you reach the people that matter. With over 10 years of experience and success stories, we are Hong Kong’s premier digital marketing agency. We drive digital customers to your real-world business through the following:


Your website is the perfect avenue to tell the world what makes your business unique. Build a branded website for your business that’s responsive, user-friendly, and optimized for maximum online visibility.


With an SEM campaign from Truelogic HK, you can reach ready-to-buy customers and easily turn clicks into customers. We’ll target the people actively searching for your products or services and help you reach customers with high purchase intent.


Reach buyers and boost conversions through effective email marketing strategies. Send personalized messages to target customers and develop long-term relationships with them.

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Combining Effective SEO and Thorough Keyword Research Services: The Truelogic HK Advantage

Search engine optimization in HK is not just about ranking for popular keywords. It’s about being visible where and when it matters. It’s about finding the best ways to connect with your target customers.

At Truelogic HK, our custom SEO solutions include Technical SEO, Copywriting, Keyword Research Services, and Design Disciplines all rolled into one worth-it package. We assess your specific needs, set metrics for success based on your goals and deploy strategies that deliver maximum impact for your budget.

In Hong Kong, no other SEO service provider compares.

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