Search Engine Marketing

Work with the company that doesn’t just do marketing work, but makes Marketing work!

Gain traffic and customers today by harnessing the power of SEM or Pay per Click (or PPC) for your Brand.
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Advertising that Works

Paid Ads on Google and Bing can start with budgets at HKD400.00.
Spend as much or as little as your business needs.
Your brand has the ability to follow your customers until they are ready to buy.

Managed SEM Services for Your Business

Advertising is not about spending. It’s about Customer Acquisition. When we run your campaign, you’ll know how much it costs to earn a customer and a good feel for how right SEM is for your Conversion.

Campaign Setup

We do the research. We find the queries and keywords that your competitors use and target the easiest ones to win first. We’ll place you on both the Search and Display network if they align with your goals. And we’ll track it to prove where every cent of your money goes.

Campaign Pacing

We work off a process that distributes your budget to brand equity, generic terms, persona targets and highly commercial intentions. Your budget is allocated to the strategy that drives the most results.

Lead Acquisition

Because it’s not about advertising – it’s about Sales. We tie the sales you generate through your thank you page so that you are able to track each sale you drive through your advertising efforts allowing you to both refine your strategy and increase your confidence in the channel


No PPC Reporting should be done on the Adwords Platform. We integrate Adwords, Analytics and both proprietary and third-party tools that translate the work into business metrics and business results.

If you have an idea for a project, talk to us today!

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