Technical SEO

Make your website fast, mobile responsive, user-friendly, and search friendly. That’s what technical SEO does – it makes your website easy to find.

Many businesses create websites believing when you build it, the customers will come. They will not. Not without the right characteristics.

Technical SEO is a prerequisite to ranking well.

We implement Technical SEO Strategies in 2 ways:

We team up with your internal web development team and give them the recommendations that allow you to consolidate equity in the right pages of your site.
We create then walk you through our report and the impact it will have on your site, then implement them once you greenlight the recommendations.

What is covered by Technical SEO?

We check whether your important pages are indexed by Search Engines.
We examine whether you allow search engines to find your valuable pages and only your valuable pages.
We evaluate whether you have pages that have the same content or meta content.
We will assess whether you have multiple pages that fight one another for search ranking position.
We will discover whether you have or have retired valuable pages that should be pointed to currently valuable pages.
We will provide you with a user-friendly strategy for dealing with pages that should no longer be live, but users still find.
we will help you manage the pages on your site to maximize the benefits of Crawl budget.
We will recommend specific markups for your pages that allow search engines to understand the content better.
We analyze whether any of your pertinent information is more than 3 clicks away from a user.
We will help organize the ideas on your site so that they contextually support each other helping it make more sense to users and search engines.

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