How Much Does Web Design Cost in Hong Kong?

web design team planning a responsive website
web design team planning a responsive website

Customer retention and conversion rates are influenced by website design. And with millions of websites on the internet, competition is tight when it comes to conversion. This is why more and more companies are choosing to employ an in-house web design unit or outsource talents to build an aesthetically pleasing website. For brands looking to build their own website, one of the first questions that arise is the overall cost of website design and development.

What Is the Average Cost of Website Design in 2023?

Building a website requires a lot of time and planning, which highly influences the cost of web design services. To add to it, it also depends on the quality, customer demands, and commercial business background, with some industries requiring much more in-depth structures than others—which may hike up web design prices. On average, a custom website design costs about USD 6,000 or roughly USD 50,000 USD, but there are also options depending on your budget.

If you’re planning on developing a website or improving your website’s design, here are a few web design cost options you can go for:

a mock-up of a website

Cheapest Cost: Design Websites on Your Own

The cheapest option is to design your website yourself, which may require long hours of work on your side. Unfortunately, building websites independently is not cost-free. This may also require additional costs, from sourcing images, website themes, and subscriptions to website builder applications.

Website builders such as offer a free plan with limited access to website themes, non-custom domain names, bandwidth, storage space, video hours, and customer care. On the other hand, the cost of website development for Wix’s premium plan ranges from USD 4.50 to USD 35. The premium plan includes upgrades in the free features like a free domain for 1 year, unlimited bandwidth and video hours, and premium customer care. The premium plans also have the option to create an eCommerce profile so you can sell products online.

The benefit of this option is that you have full control of your website’s navigation, format, and styling. You can also edit your website content as you go along the process of website development, making it a hands-on venture. Without the middlemen, you won’t need to communicate or negotiate every time you find something worth editing.

If you have a strong background in coding and web design and a lot of time, this option would be a great choice for you. The average cost of this website design option is about USD 3,820 or less than HKD 30,000 yearly.

Lower to Average Cost: Web Design Freelancers

If you have funds for hiring professionals for your web design, there’s the choice of hiring freelancers or small firms. Overall, you may expect the web design freelance cost to reach between USD 5,000 and USD 30,000 or HKD 39,200 and HKD 235,405. In some cases, freelancers may charge a per-hour rate, but may vary depending on their experience and how much work and time your proposed website would take.

If you’re planning on hiring a freelancer or a group of freelancers, make sure that you specifically state your expectations when it comes to function and design. This will help you communicate what you expect them to work on and how your website’s design will be laid out.

To help you further, here are some factors that affect the cost of a web designer:

  • Complexity of the website plan
  • What the designer will handle (e.g. hosting, domain, plugins, etc.)
  • Ongoing maintenance (will they do it or will you do it yourself)
  • What the designer will customize (customizing a pre-made template vs. building from scratch)
  • Features the website needs
  • Number of pages on the website

In addition to these factors, you also need to consider the average cost of a web designer. Here’s an estimated website design Hong Kong price for hiring a web designer:

Website Setup$160 or HKD 1,255
Design and Build of the Website$5,000 or HKD 39,200
Creating Content for the Website$500 or HKD 3,920
Training$600 or HKD 4,700
Web Maintenance$500 or HKD 3,920
Total$6,760 or HKD 53,000
a web designer at work

High Cost: Website Design Companies and Agencies

Lastly, you have the option of working with digital marketing companies in Hong Kong that have seasoned web designers and experts specializing in content strategy and development. While agencies charge the highest when it comes to custom website design services cost—ranging between USD 15,000 and USD 75,000, or between HKD 117,700 and HKD 588,500—you can ensure that you’re going to get a highly optimized page and a personalized strategy aimed to improve your traffic and conversion rates.

In addition, they will also help walk you through improving your content strategies and search engine visibility, which may drive up user accessibility and interaction. By working with an agency, you get a culmination of the agency’s experience and strategies, positively impacting your website’s performance.

Major Costs Associated With Website Development

Web design pricing varies depending on what kind of service you’ll avail. However, there are fixed costs you need to pay before you can work on your website. If you’re investing in web design in Hong Kong, take note of these major costs involved in developing a website:

Domain Name

The domain name is the first item on the website design price in Hong Kong. In the internet world, your website’s identification is referred to as its domain name or URL. Buying a domain name is required for website creation to launch your website for your target audience.

Check out the average price for a top-level domain:

Top-Level DomainAverage Cost Per Year
.comUSD 100 or HKD 780
.hkUSD 280 or HKD 2,190
.ioUSD 500 or HKD 3,920

The prices also vary depending on the platform used to purchase a domain.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is needed to store your website data and publish it for a global audience. The cheapest choice with the simplest setup is shared hosting. This option offers sufficient security and dependability characteristics for the majority of simple and business websites. The monthly price for this hosting service ranges from USD 25 to USD 70, or HKD 190 to HKD 550.

There is greater customization and website traffic space available with other hosting alternatives, including VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. They can be set up to perform tasks other than hosting a website, and their monthly web development cost ranges from USD 300 to USD 2000, or HKD 2,350 to HKD 15,700.

Website Development Tools

Making websites from the ground up isn’t necessary. You can simply employ website builders like Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. They have top-notch support features and premium themes and designs for their company websites.

Both the subscription price to use the tool and the purchase of premium themes incur certain charges. Free themes that offer a good layout can be found online, and premium themes have web design pricing ranging from USD 100 to USD 1000, or HKD 780 to HKD 7,800, depending on their level of popularity and added functionality.

Although most website builders offer a free trial or a free plan, the majority of the essential features typically come with their paid plans. Between USD 30 and USD 400, or HKD 235 and HKD 3,130 a month may be spent on them.

a web design team in a meeting

Web Development Doesn’t End in Web Design

While you’re planning your website design costs and ironing out the prices, another website component that you need to focus on is content. Web design isn’t the only thing that’s valuable to your readers and target audience. Aside from the overall aesthetics, your website content should also be comprehensive and relevant to the people visiting your site. Without easy-to-understand content, your web design may fall short.

One specific strategy during site development is the content-first approach, wherein brands polish their web content before deciding on the design, navigation, and additional features on a website. While a design-first strategy might seem to work by introducing a canvas first, this might be counterproductive since you’ll be adjusting and manipulating the content to fit the design.

Remember that while web design is a large factor when it comes to user retention, your content is the primary reason for your search engine visibility, as well as the reason why readers stay on page. However, don’t close off the possibility that your content might need additional edits to fit the final product.

So, if you’re planning on spending on web design, development or redesign costs, consider investing in your web content first.

Level Up Your Web Design With Truelogic HK

With the latest technologies and tools for web design, the process of website development has become much more complex. Together with the ever-evolving terrain of the internet, some websites need redesigns to improve user experience, credibility, and site speed – three of the main contributing factors to conversions and audience loyalty.

Ensure that you’re getting only the highest quality web design services by partnering with Truelogic HK, one of the top-rated web design companies in Hong Kong. With decades’ worth of industry experience, Truelogic is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life and helping your stand out in the digital landscape. We will help you establish your online identity, leave a good impression on your target audience, and make your website as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

For queries and questions about our website design prices here in Hong Kong, you can consult with us.

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