Why SEO is Important in a Digital Marketing Strategy


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It’s the year 2021 and there’s absolutely no slowing down with our use of the Internet. We live in an era where we have unrestricted access to massive amounts of information online. As a result, people have grown increasingly dependent on search engines like Google for answers to their problems. In fact, Google processes an average of 40,000 search queries per second.

Of course, your customers are part of the people turning to Google for solutions to their problems. If you want your website to appear on the first page of search results for search terms or queries relevant to your brand, you need search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO.

What is SEO and Why Is It Important?

SEO is the method of ranking organically in search engines like Google through high-quality, optimized content that result in increased website visits. Unlike pay-per-click ads (PPC), traffic generated with SEO is free.

A typical SEO strategy is comprised of three types of SEO:

  • Technical SEO – a vital step in getting a site to rank as it focuses on site infrastructure and architecture. In other words, it’s the art of optimizing a website for crawling and indexing. This is crucial because your website needs to be structured in a way that crawlers can access and understand your site’s content. Even if you have high-quality content on your site, it will not see results if it’s built on shaky technical foundations.
  • On-Page SEO – the process of fixing and optimizing each page on your website to improve rankings. This focuses on optimizing page titles, body text, meta data, images, videos, or any piece of on-site content to increase your website’s relevance for target keywords. As on-page SEO is not dependent on external factors, you have full control over the quality of your on-site SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO – encompasses anything that happens off-site that involves the ranking and search visibility of your website. Off-page SEO includes methods such as link building which promotes your website by building links on high-authority sites and directing them back to yours. This type of SEO is important in digital marketing as it shows Google that your site is valuable, authoritative, and deserves to rank high in search results.

The importance of SEO in digital marketing cannot be overlooked. Most of the results you see on Google (or any other search engine) did not appear there by accident. To reach first-page ranking, many brands have built their websites and optimised it to adhere to the algorithms of SEO. If you want your target audience to find your site, SEO will do that for you.

Why is SEO Important in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

You may have a great-looking website but without SEO in your digital marketing arsenal, you won’t get the traffic you need for your business to survive. With customers unable to find your site, sales won’t be made, and you’ll be wasting the dollars you’ve invested in your digital marketing strategy.

Is SEO important? Undeniably, yes it is. Every digital marketing campaign needs it to generate qualified traffic. If you’re still not convinced, here are compelling reasons that explain the importance of SEO in digital marketing:

Increase in Organic Traffic

One of digital marketing’s main goals is to drive traffic. After all, more traffic translates to more leads, which in turn increases conversions for a business.

Now that most customers are online, you want to land on the most coveted first page — or even land on a featured snippet. Only through organic search dominance can you land on these positions.

How valuable is it to rank on the top positions? According to a study by Search Engine Journal, the top results garner an average click-through rate of 28.5%. If you want a winning method to increasing your site’s organic traffic, SEO is simply the best digital marketing tactic.

Lead Generation and Acquisition

As previously mentioned, every digital marketing campaign’s goal is to acquire more leads for a business. In this vein, treat your website as an online calling card that is available for viewing 24/7. Whenever anyone searches for the product or service you offer, a competitive SEO strategy ensures you are the first result they see. In a nutshell, it puts your business right in front of searching eyes.

Your website has the potential to be your best lead generation tool. Now, you just have to optimize it with the help of SEO services.

Maximizing ROI

Want to get the best investment out of your digital marketing strategy? A major reason SEO is rising in demand is its ability to maximize the bottom line of a business. The more visible your website, the more people who will visit it. If you manage to market your products and services properly, this will lead to an increase in revenue and overall growth for your business.

Search is still one of the most critical customer touchpoints in a digital marketing campaign. With a refined strategy and proper execution, SEO can be your greatest lead generator, no matter the size of your business.

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