The Importance and Benefits of Website Redesign

a designer working on redesigning a website
a designer working on redesigning a website

You’re here because you realised that you aren’t satisfied with your website. That’s understandable, as the digital world moves fast. What was sleek and shiny in the past can become clunky and dated today. Dial up gave way to wifi. Yahoo! lost to Google. Paint waved a white flag in surrender to Photoshop. In this fast-paced world, your brand’s website needs to level up too.

It’s why website redesign is an exciting project for many brands and businesses in Hong Kong. It’s like a new coat of paint on a dull storefront. As your website serves as your best salesperson online, the benefits of website redesign are also worthy of the time, resources and budget put into it; of course, as long as you find a reputable web design company in Hong Kong to work with.

Whether your conversions dropped, your brand concept changed, or you simply want to make your business’s digital home fancier and more trendy, you should tackle a website redesign project with a strategic mindset to achieve truly outstanding results. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about website redesign, including why you should redesign your website in the first place.

a web designer working on a responsive site

What is a Website Redesign?

To start with, let’s make it clear what a website redesign truly means. If you just want slight changes to your website’s layout, does it mean you need to revamp the entire site architecture?

As a leading digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, we always tell our clients that before investing time and resources into the project, they should decide the level of changes they expect their site to undergo. A website redesign involves significant changes to the outer and inner site elements such as code, structure, navigation, visuals and content. When done properly, the benefits of website redesign lead to user experience enhancement, bounce rate decrease and conversion growth.

Website redesign vs. refresh

Many people confuse website redesign with website refresh and we’re here to set the record straight. You can compare a website redesign to a complete overhaul of a house. In theory, you leave only the flooring and the walls and build the rest from scratch. On the other hand, a website refresh is similar to only repainting bedroom walls or changing your flooring from tiles to carpets.

In other words, a website redesign involves considerable alterations to the architecture, visuals, functionality and content of the site. Meanwhile, a website refresh only considers minor renovations. For instance, you only want to try a different typography or color palette to change how the site looks and feels — that’s an example of a website refresh. Even improving the accessibility in the UX of your site are modifications that fall under website refresh.

a website with a responsive design

Why Should You Redesign Your Website?

There are two good reasons that encompass why you should redesign your website: traffic and conversions a.k.a. the lifeblood of any online business.

For business people, it’s not always obvious how much web design matters on the bottom line. In person, a vendor’s sales tactics influence their chances of converting or selling. In the same vein, a website’s design increases the chances of conversions. In other words, the same principles of business psychology are  still evident online – you just have to visually translate them.

Here are the top reasons why brands in Hong Kong redesign a website:

Your site’s purpose has changed

If you’re like most businesses in Hong Kong, your marketing strategy is fairly versatile and will need constant modifications to reach your business goals. While you don’t need a full website redesign each time you adjust your marketing goals, it’s good practice to check regularly and ensure your website is still aligned with your latest marketing plans. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • How often do you modify your marketing strategy?
  • Do updates or modifications in your marketing strategy affect your conversion funnel?

If the purpose of your site has changed, update its layout so it’s more aligned with your goals. For example, if your new goals include providing more lead generation content (such as ebooks or “how-to” guides), make sure you have CTAs on your homepage and other high-traffic web pages.

Your website isn’t responsive

According to recent statistics, 54.8% of global web traffic comes from mobile usage. If your site isn’t responsive yet, you have a high chance of losing leads and even customers. Mobile users have made it clear they want to have a great browsing experience on their devices – the same ones they have on desktops – so if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then a website redesign should be a chief priority.

You aren’t getting the results you want

Is your website functional, visually pleasing and pixel-perfect? That’s great! But if you still aren’t hitting your goals, then your site is just useless online real estate. Remember, your website exists to build your customer base. If your data shows that you’re not trending towards that goal, then that’s a good reason why you should redesign your website.

Take some time to examine your site’s conversion rates. This will provide you with a clear idea on the adjustments you need to make. You can also ask yourself these questions to guide your website redesign strategy:

  • Do your calls-to-action convert casual browsers into leads and customers?
  • Is your website filled with corporate jargon and too text-heavy?
  • Do your landing pages inspire people to learn more about your business, products or services or are they simply visually attractive pages that impart little value?
  • Does the look and feel of your website match your branding and directly speak to your target market?

Your website isn’t functional

This one may seem like an obvious reason why one should redesign a website, but we just want to emphasise its importance. You’ve probably stumbled upon websites that are, to put it lightly, dysfunctional in that the buttons don’t work or there are a lot of Error 404 pages. Your site may not be on that level but it could still improve its user-friendliness. There might be elements on your site that aren’t effective and in turn, negatively impact your traffic and lead generation efforts.

Ask yourself these questions during your website redesign process:

  • Is your site confusing to navigate?
  • Do you hide important content?
  • Can visitors quickly find basic details on your site, such as contact information?
  • Are product/service descriptions up-to-date?

Having fantastic content on your website will improve everything from SEO to customer retention. That said, quality, SEO-optimised content is useless if your visitors can’t readily find it.

a team celebrating the relaunch of their website

The Benefits of Website Redesign

As previously mentioned, the reasons why website redesign is important isn’t just about aesthetics. A strategic website redesign will help you achieve the following:

  • Increased traffic
  • Improved engagement
  • Higher conversion rates

Increased traffic

It’s no secret that Google prefers well-structured, dynamic websites with clear site maps and seamless navigation. Your website redesign strategy will greatly impact your ability to climb the rankings, especially if you tick all the boxes for optimal SEO: visually attractive, well-structured and easily navigable.

Improved engagement

Traffic isn’t the only thing you need to turn your website into a conversion-generating powerhouse. It’s crucial for you to ensure your website not only reflects your brand’s vision and visual identity; it should also let users navigate easily and find the information they’re looking for.

When users can easily navigate your website, this means they will spend more time on your pages, gathering more details about your business and getting to trust your company.

Higher conversion rates

Return on investment — at the end of the day, that’s the goal of any business. Whatever your sales cycle and business model, the end goal is to convert users who engage with your site and turn their interest into sales. A structured website redesign will guide them all throughout their purchasing journey until they request a form, schedule a consultation or complete a purchase.

a woman looking at a website on her mobile phone

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

To be clear, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to this question. However, as a general rule of thumb, Hong Kong brands should invest in website redesign once every two or three years. The reason is simple: if your website is over three years old, that’s already a lifetime in the digital world. In other words, it’s already outdated. When it comes to design trends, what was attractive and visually pleasing three years ago likely isn’t today.

Of course, this takes functionality into account too. Remember when the mobile versions of websites used to have different web addresses? It still haunts the waking hours of web developers.

While the website shelf life we mentioned isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s the quick and sure answer. Of course, you can still have a website refresh each time market demands change or you modify your business goals. What’s most important is that your website is always aligned with your marketing strategy and objectives.

Start Your Website Redesign Journey with Truelogic HK

Your website is the face of your business. More than a business card or an ad in the paper, your website says who you are. If you feel like you need a website redesign, then follow your gut instinct.

But if you think your job is done after the redesign is complete, think again. Browser technologies, customer preferences, design practices and accessibility standards are always changing. Your fresh website redesign may work now, but keeping an eye on the market pulse is essential.

Do that and more with Truelogic HK. As a top-rated web design company in Hong Kong,  we combine strategy and storytelling to build unique online experiences for your brand. The result? A website that’s designed to attract customers, keep competitors on their toes and fuel business growth.

For more information and enquiries about our website redesign services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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