Web Development

people brainstorming on the ux design

What Is UX Design? A Beginner’s Guide

In the context of web development, UX design aims to provide users a valuable experience while working with a product’s branding, functions, navigation, and content. The ultimate goal in web development with UX design is to provide a smooth and fluid experience that brings value to the users.

a designer working on redesigning a website

The Importance and Benefits of Website Redesign

You’re here because you realised that you aren’t satisfied with your website. That’s understandable, as the digital world moves fast. What was sleek and shiny in the past can become clunky and dated today. Dial up gave way to wifi. Yahoo! lost to Google. Paint waved a white flag in surrender to Photoshop. In this fast-paced world, your brand’s website needs to level up too.

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